BrushingBite Dog Toothbrush

BrushingBite Dog Toothbrush


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Did you know that more than 80% of dogs get oral disease from lack of teeth cleaning within 3 years? Their mouths need to be well taken care of on a daily basis, just like ours or else bacteria will build up, causing diseases.

The BrushingBite Toothbrush Toy solves the world’s most widespread problem among dogs – Oral Disease. It’s EASY for dogs and EFFORTLESS for parents. 

Research suggests that 4 out of 5 dogs by the age of three suffer from Oral Disease. If left untreated, this silent ailment can cause heart and lung diseases, systemic diseases of kidneys and the liver and diabetes complications. But there is a new way for pet lovers to take control of their dog's oral health.

Invest your money on this effective tool for your lovely dog to save lots of time and money going to the vets. Don't risk your dog's health!

BrushingBite Toothbrush is perfect for moderate chewing and effortlessly cleans your dog's teeth to the gum line. This dog brushing stick is the newest and hottest product that will actually have your dog cleaning its own teeth! It is especially good for cleaning your dog's hard to reach back molars. It becomes an easy tooth cleaning routine your dog will LOVE!

Designed to let your dog chew instinctively while getting a great teeth cleaning. Give the Toothbrush to your dog for 5-7 Minutes everyday with our Dog Toothpaste or any other toothpaste of your choice to receive maximum benefit.


  • Made from natural, durable pet-safe rubber
  • Rigid bristles grind away plaque and loosen tartar in hard to reach places
  • Optionally insert toothpaste along side grooves to provide even better cleaning
  • Infused with a fresh peppermint scent both dogs and people love
  • Dishwasher safe (top rack) for easy cleaning


How To Use:

  1. First, let your dog adapt to grinding their teeth on the brush for several uses, before adding toothpaste into the top reservoir. Do not add toothpaste onto the bristles, because they may just lick it off.
  2. Some dogs may need extra help than orders to start brushing, but once they do its affects will start working.
  3. Once your dog begins chewing, be sure to reward them so they understand chewing on it is good.
  4. In no time their gum health and teeth will be in excellent shape! 

Notice: Your dogs may need a lot more encouragement to chew on rubber toys. To start, play games using the stick, such as "tug," in order to get your dog to want to get it. It is flavored for your dog to enjoy. If your dog still resists, try stuffing peanut butter, coconut oil, treat or food inside the reservoir to encourage your dog to bit on it. Some dogs may need multiple sessions to adapt. 


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